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Archy Selects Gusto as Its Official Payroll Partner
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Archy Selects Gusto as Its Official Payroll Partner

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Andrew Bernstein
Andrew Bernstein
Product Marketing Manager, Archy
Archy Selects Gusto as Its Official Payroll Partner

SAN JOSE, August 30th, 2023 — Archy, an all-in-one practice management software for dentists, today announced its partnership with Gusto, a market leading payroll and HR platform. This partnership seamlessly integrates payroll into Archy’s practice management software, allowing dentists to handle all daily operations within one unified platform and run payroll with a single click.

“Our goal at Archy is to create a truly all-in-one platform that serves dentists’ current needs while also anticipating future ones,” remarked Jon Rat, CEO of Archy. “Integrating payroll directly into Archy is not just an innovative move— it exemplifies our dedication to time-saving solutions and brings us closer to our vision of an all-in-one platform.”

The benefits of this partnership for Archy’s customers are immense:

  • Integrated Payday: Utilize Gusto Embedded’s full payroll features in Archy to effortlessly calculate salaries, wages, overtime, file taxes, process direct deposits, and generate W-2s.
  • Production-Based Pay: With Archy’s built-in data on production and collections, effortlessly pay providers based on a percentage of production.
  • Faster Payroll: Archy’s in-built time clock lets employees log hours seamlessly. Admins can process payroll with a single click, eliminating manual calculations, manual data entry, or having to use separate third party software.

“Our focus has always been to build time-saving solutions for dental practices.” said Sarah Payne, Archy’s Head of Product. “With Gusto’s partnership, Archy provides a payroll experience tailored to dentists while streamlining a time-consuming aspect of managing a practice. Archy is the only practice management software that offers payroll directly within the software that practices use every day.”

Dentists around the country trust Archy for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. Now, with Gusto’s partnership, Archy strengthens its commitment to being the ultimate software solution for dental professionals.

For more details about Archy and its transformative solutions, visit Archy’s Website.

About Archy:

Archy is an all-in-one practice management software designed for the modern dental practice. With its innovative solutions, Archy aims to streamline and optimize dental practice operations, ensuring efficient patient management and business growth. Archy does it all – scheduling, charting, imaging, insurance, texting, online booking, payroll – you name it.

About Gusto:

Gusto is a modern, online people platform that provides more than 300,000 SMBs with the tools and services they need to hire, pay, insure, and support their teams. Gusto Embedded, a developer platform and support infrastructure, enables software platforms to offer in-app, modern payroll products to their customers as well. With Gusto Embedded, SaaS developers can leverage Gusto’s 10+ years of experience as well as our tax filing, payments, and compliance infrastructure in order to build deeply integrated, tailored payroll products that improve the user experience and drive revenue.

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