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Jan 19, 2024

New in Archy: AI Powered Email Marketing for Dental Practices

New in Archy: AI Powered Email Marketing for Dental Practices

Sending email marketing campaigns to connect with patients and grow your practice just got easier. Archy now offers a built-in email marketing solution powered by an AI email marketing assistant to help you create emails. Gone are the days of manually downloading patient lists and crafting emails in Gmail or using third-party systems like Mailchimp for your dental practice’s marketing needs.

Create, send, and track email marketing campaigns directly within Archy’s practice management software. Reaching the right patients at the right time is crucial for the growth of any practice, and this new feature is designed to help you achieve exactly that.

Built-In Email Campaigns with Powerful Filters

Sending email marketing campaigns with Archy is easy. Just go to the ‘Communications’ tab, where you can schedule your campaign and select recipients by filtering based on information stored in Archy, like remaining benefits, birthdays, or preferred language. This ensures that your message reaches the intended target audience.

Start With Pre-Designed Templates

Choose from an array of pre-built templates designed for various scenarios, like encouraging patients to utilize unused benefits or promoting special offers like discounts on Invisalign. These templates make it easy for you to get your email marketing campaigns started, so you can start emailing your patients faster.

Easy to Use Drag-and-Drop Interface

Whether you’re customizing a pre-built template or starting from scratch, Archy’s drag-and-drop email editor is incredibly easy to use. You don’t need to be a marketing guru or tech wizard to use it – it’s as simple as piecing together building blocks to create your perfect email.

AI-Powered Writing and Image Creation

Understanding that not everyone is a marketing expert, we’re excited to launch a suite of AI tools within the Archy email builder, which are designed to help you create better emails. Whether it’s fine-tuning headlines, adjusting the tone, or correcting grammar, Archy’s email AI assistant acts as a helpful sidekick for building effective marketing emails.

Along with helping you craft the perfect text for your emails, Archy’s email AI assistant also simplifies image creation. No more endless searching for the perfect photo for your email. Just type a few words describing the image you’re looking for, and it will generate image options to choose from. This feature saves time and ensures your emails look impressive, helping your messages stand out.

Measuring Success With Email Analytics

After launching your campaign, track performance through open rates and click-through rates with Email Analytics in Archy. Open rates show how many patients opened your email, while click-through rates show the percentage who clicked on links or buttons within the email. This will help you understand the effectiveness of your campaign and refine your strategies for future communications.

Andrew Bernstein

Andrew Bernstein