Save Time

Save time on every step of your patient journey

Archy automates patient communications, saves you time processing insurance and collecting payments, reducing your daily workload, so you can focus on growing your practice and providing exceptional care to patients.

Automate the pre-appointment patient journey

Reduce calls with online scheduling

Let patients book their own appointments rather than calling your office, cutting down on the number of inbound calls by up to 70%.

This allows your front desk to focus on other tasks and greet patients with fewer interruptions.

Archy Platform

Automatic appointment reminders

Save 10 hours a week by automatically sending pre-appointment reminders via text and email to patients, eliminating the need for phone calls and postcards.

Patient responses instantly update in the schedule, reflecting confirmations.

Archy Platform Process

Auto-send forms

With Archy, more of your patients will arrive with the required forms already completed, as Archy automatically sends new patient intake and consent forms before the appointment.

This reduces the need for many patients to arrive 15 minutes early just to sit and fill out paperwork.

Archy Platform Process

Online forms cut manual data entry

Save 5 hours each week by cutting out manual data entry. With Archy, you can collect new patient intake and consent forms through online forms built right into Archy.

Archy Platform Sync

Verify benefits with a click

Verify eligibility and benefits in Archy with a single click. No more wasting time calling insurance companies or navigating complex portals.

Auto-Verify in Archy does the work for you - just click and patient coverage details gets loaded into Archy.

Insurance verification is only available for supported carriers, and data accuracy may vary by insurance provider.

Archy Platform Process

Increase collections, save time

Text-to-Pay in Archy helps you spend less time collecting payments from patients, enabling you to send bulk personalized text reminders to groups of patients with overdue balances.

Each text includes a convenient link for patients to easily pay outstanding bills online.

More efficient insurance claim management

Save 20 hours a month processing insurance claims and explanation of benefits —submit attachments and manage everything all in one place without logging into different software.

Streamlined claims submission

After an appointment, Archy automatically drafts a claim for you. Simply attach X-rays, photos, narratives, and perio charts, then submit the claim directly within Archy—no additional software required. Save time and streamline your insurance workflow.

Archy Platform Process

Process EOBs with 80% less clicks

Centralized claims center allows you to select and batch process large EOBs with multiple claims in one click if no adjustments are required, cutting down on clicks by 80%.

16 hours saved every week

Archy has been a game-changer for us. We save nearly 2 days' time each week on admin and claims processing, thanks to their efficiency and automated patient communications.
Dr. Christine Liu

Dr. Christine Liu

Automate post-appointment follow-up

Save time in your post-appointment process with Archy's automation— send text and emails for unscheduled recalls, check in on patients' recoveries, and ask for online reviews.

With Archy, saving time and boosting revenue has never been easier.

Pay your employees with a click

Process payroll in less time. No calculations or separate software needed, payroll processing and time tracking tailored for dental practices is built right into Archy.

Just click and you've paid your employees.

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