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Allow patients to book online, gather more reviews, and pinpoint your top marketing sources using integrated tools that help grow your practice.

Online scheduling

Online scheduling is directly integrated into Archy and updates instantly in real-time, without relying on third-party syncing. Allowing your patients to book online 24/7 improves their experience, reduces call volume, and saves your team time.

Get 15-25 new bookings monthly

By making it easier to book and removing the need to call, practices with Archy see 15-25 new online bookings each month.

Enable patients to book 24/7

45% all online bookings happen after 8pm. Open up your schedule to 24/7 bookings and make it easier for patients to book on their own.

Reduce incoming phone calls

When patients book their own appointments online, it means fewer phone calls for your team to handle, saving them time throughout the day.

Online reviews

Get more online reviews with Archy. Send personalized mass texts to groups of loyal patients asking for reviews, or automatically text new patients for feedback. Archy helps improve your online presence, attracting new patients.

Track your top marketing referral sources

Track how patients find your practice—whether it's doctor referrals, Google searches, or word of mouth. Archy simplifies tracking and analyzing your most effective marketing channels, helping you invest where it counts.

“An amazing service”

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Dr. Hoang
Practice Owner in Colorado

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