Save Money

Switch to Archy and save

Save an average of $8,000 per year with Archy's all-in-one cloud software. Ditch third-party add-ons, eliminate server-related expenses, and consolidate all your platforms into one.

Stop wasting money on costly patient communications add-ons

Everything you need to engage with your patients is built into Archy, including online scheduling, online forms, texting, and email marketing.

Eliminate the need for NexHealth, Adit, Weave, and others, simplifying operations and saving up to $500 per month.

Ditch the server, cut costs

Archy's cloud software means no need for backups or disaster recovery, reducing server-related expenses by an average of $350 per month. Avoid costly server replacements, saving $5-10K every 5 years.

Stay secure with a forward-thinking IT provider, minus the server burden, and save every month.

Archy Built-in Imaging

Save on software and support with built-in imaging

Imaging is built right into Archy, eliminating the need for third-party software, bridges, or support fees.

Save up to $3,000 per year, and enjoy unlimited storage - no more upgrading servers for extra space.

Stop paying for payroll, save with Archy

Archy's Platinum plan features built-in time tracking and payroll processing, powered by Gusto.

Enjoy savings of up to $250 a month, eliminating the need to pay for payroll services.

Not available for multi-location practices.

Free up more time (and money)

Smart automations and an efficient design help your team save up to 80 hours per month after switching to Archy.

Time saved equals money saved, while freed up capacity lets your team focus on work that grows your practice.

Estimate your potential savings with Archy

On your practice management software:
(i.e. Dentrix, OpenDental, EagleSoft, Curve, etc.)
Monthly costs typically range from $130 to $1200.
On your Imaging (X-ray) Software:
(i.e. Dexis, XVWeb, XDR, etc)
Monthly costs typically range from $200 to $700.
On your Patient Engagement add-on:
(i.e. Nexhealth, Adit, RevenueWell)
Monthly costs typically range from $200 to $900.
On your Payroll provider:
(i.e. ADP, Payrix, Gusto)
Monthly costs typically range from $50 to $300

Time and Cost Savings with Automation

To calculate your potential time and cost savings from automating manual tasks with Archy, select all the areas that apply to your current operations:
Software Cost Savings
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Time Savings
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Total Savings
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