Run your practice efficiently

Simplify and automate key everyday tasks to help your team save 80 hours every month.


Manage your schedule efficiently

Designed for ease of use and flexibility, the Archy schedule is packed with features that help you manage your day efficiently and save time.

Custom appointment categories simplify scheduling

Custom appointment categories in Archy, with pre-populated procedure codes and set appointment lengths, make it easy to schedule appointments, even without extensive dental experience.

Fill empty slots in your schedule gaps, increase patient satisfaction

The ASAP list tracks patients looking for earlier appointments, helping you fill cancellations and keep patients happy.

Prepare efficiently for the day's patients

Start and end your day smoothly with the Archy Huddle, which provides a quick snapshot of essential information so that you and your team are prepared for patients and aware of the tasks needed to wrap up the day

Find appointments and schedule patients faster

Appointment finder quickly shows open slots that fit with patients' preferences by day, week, and provider, making booking fast and saving your team time.

online forms

Save time with online forms

Save your team an hour every day by cutting out manual data entry — patients arrive with forms already filled out and their information already populated in their Archy patient profile.


Customizing your online forms is easy with Archy, create custom medical history and consent forms that fit your specific needs.

Sent automatically

Archy automatically sends intake and consent forms to patients, saving your team time and helping make sure forms are completed before appointments.

No more manual data entry

Information patients provide in forms automatically update their patient profile, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Kiosk mode

Lets any patient easily fill out forms on the spot in your office, cutting out paper hassle and saving your staff time on manual data entry.

Every form, from intake to consent

From new patient intake to consent forms – you can do it all with Archy's online forms.

Smoother check-in

New patients no longer need to arrive early for paperwork – they'll come on time with forms already filled out.

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Real-time insurance verification

Verify patients' insurance benefits with the click of a button, ensuring you have correct benefit information for accurately planning treatments and billing. Your staff also saves time; they won't have to call for verification with our supported insurers.

Insurance claim management

Save 20 hours a month processing insurance claims and explanation of benefits —submit attachments and manage everything all in one place without logging into different software.

Centralized claims center

From submission to EOB processing and receiving payment, managing it all is easy with Archy's insurance hub

Auto drafted claims

Smart automations save your team time; when an appointment is marked complete, Archy will auto-draft the insurance claim.

Submit once, Archy does the rest

Just submit once, individually or in batches, and you're all set—no need to log-in to your clearinghouse for attachments; Archy has it covered.

Bulk EOB processing

Easily process large, multi-claim explanation of benefits documents with up to 80% fewer clicks

Lab case tracking

Easily manage your lab cases, helping you stay on top of each case's status, and making sure patients never come in before their lab case is received, helping you offer a better patient experience.

Reports with the answers you're looking for

Archy's real-time and dynamic reports make it easy for you to understand your practice's financial and operational performance. Beyond providing insights, reports are designed for action—enabling you to text patients one-on-one or in mass directly from the reports.


You don't need separate reporting software—Archy gives you real-time access to all your data with integrated reports.


Quickly filter and drill down to find the exact information you need, from time frames to appointment types and codes.


Turn reports into action: text patients about treatments or unpaid bills directly from the reports.

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