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Provide top-tier patient care while saving time with Archy's advanced clinical tools.


Charting is a breeze with Archy's versatile, fast, and user-friendly odontogram. Designed for efficiency, it reduces the number of clicks needed to complete tasks. Archy’s odontogram is flexible, allowing you to select from various settings based on the patient's condition and record data with precision.

Customizable quick buttons

Set up quick buttons in the odontogram to customize your workflow, enabling quick charting of common procedures with support for explosion codes.

Perio charting

Perio Charting tools that make it easy to monitor your patients' gingival health, enabling you to provide the best care to your patients.

Adapts based on patient age

Smart logic automatically adjusts dentition based based on age: displaying primary teeth for children and permanent teeth for adults by default.

Treatment planning

Create different treatment plans, let patients sign them directly, and clearly see each patient's financial responsibility based on their insurance coverage and frequency limits.

Manage different treatment plans

Increase treatment plan acceptance with the ability to offer and manage different patient treatment options.

Digital treatment plans

Send digital treatment plans and get them signed by patients online.

Easily submit pre-authorization

Quickly submit pre-authorizations for treatment plans and easily manage them in Archy's insurance hub.

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Integrated imaging

Say goodbye to software bridges, add-on imaging software, and the extra fees associated with them – imaging is built right into Archy.

Capture, edit, and store your x-ray images in the cloud

Get the most out of your x-ray images with Archy’s integrated imaging tools, compatible with any Twain Sensor—also including direct integration with some sensors.

Capture and edit intraoral photos

With features like annotation, contrast adjustment, rotation, and zooming. All original images are preserved for easy access.

Panoramic x-rays

Archy makes it easy to capture and edit panoramic x-rays.

Easy x-ray Comparisons

Choose any combination of x-rays or photos and quickly compare them across different dates and mounts to analyze changes over time.

Smart clinical notes

Save time with smart clinical notes, allowing you to quickly create templates linked to specific appointments, providers, or procedures, and easily track their completion through the Huddle.

Customizable templates

Complete notes faster with templates that transform form inputs into notes during appointments, customizable to fit your workflow.

Auto attach to appointments

Clinical notes auto-attach to appointments by procedure codes, ensuring notes like the crown template for a crown procedure.

Easily track note completion

Easily see which appointments have incomplete notes on the schedule and in the huddle, helping you prioritize tasks and ensuring all your notes are efficiently completed.


We make it easy to electronically prescribe medications. Archy partnered with DoseSpot to provide a fully integrated ePrescription solution without the need to login into a separate platform. Archy does not have any affiliation to a particular pharmacy. As a result, patients have can choose preferred pharmacy.

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