Convert to Archy

4 simple steps to convert to Archy

Switching to Archy is easy. We'll convert more of your data than anyone and support you at every step for a smooth transition.

Downloading data from servers

Data collection & server access

Provide Archy with essential conversion information, including current practice management and imaging software.

Grant Archy secure access to your server.

We’ll initiate a trial data extraction.

Archy setup

Start to set-up Archy

Customize Archy settings to fit your practice’s needs, including forms and clinical note templates.

Configure appointment reminders and provider schedules, and set up online booking options.

Integrate your imaging sensors with Archy.

Archy platform check

Data audit

Receive login credentials for a sample Archy account with your converted data.

Complete an audit of your data to ensure everything is accurately converted.

Archy onboarding Zoom call

Team training

Complete remote team training sessions.

Master administrative tasks through training on claim filing and customer billing.

Practice creating treatment plans and adding procedures to the odontogram.

Training sessions are recorded for your future reference or for training new staff.

Go live!

Archy will complete the final conversion while your practice is closed – we do not require you to close your practice for any additional days.

After the final conversion your team will be live with Archy!

Launch Archy