Manage a productive team

Integrated tools for payroll, time tracking, and in-office communication that make managing a productive team easy.

Employee time tracking and analytics

Since your employees are already on Archy, they and you should not have to login to another third party to manage employee time tracking, saving you money and being more efficient.

Payroll made simple for dental practices

Payroll with Archy is fast and cost-effective, making it easy for you to manage and pay your team. It's all included in your Archy plan, and is tailored for the unique payroll needs of a dental practice.

Save time

Process payroll faster. No calculations or separate software needed. Just click and it's done.

Save money

Archy includes built-in payroll at no extra cost, saving you up to $200 every month.

Powered by Gusto

Archy partners with Gusto, the market leading payroll platform, to offer built-in payroll.

Team chat

Communicate with your team individually or in a group with Archy's HIPAA-compliant integrated team chat.

See why dentists nationwide upgrade to Archy

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