Powering the Modern Dental Practice

Boost productivity and simplify daily operations with Archy,
your true all-in-one practice management software.
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Why is Archy different?

Archy’s all-in-one practice management software helps practices save big, by eliminating the need for multiple costly add-on software packages and services. On average, a solo practice can save $8,000 per year by switching to Archy. From charting to payroll, employee management to patient engagement, Archy provides a much needed one-stop shop for practice owners.
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Truly All-In-One in the Cloud

Everything you need to manage your entire practice, without any paid add-ons or missing features.

Easy to Use, Modern Design

Learn how to use Archy in less than a day with our user-friendly, modern design.

Drive Operational Efficiency

Say goodbye to manual tasks; Archy helps save your staff hundreds of hours per month with smart automations.

Bring More of Your Data to Archy

Our easy migration process ensures that you won't lose any data. All of your imaging, periodontal charts, notes, and more will come with you to Archy.

Say goodbye to bolt-ons, and hello to savings

Archy's all-in-one cloud software includes patient engagement, practice management, payroll, imaging, scheduling, and more. By consolidating these essential bolt-ons into one user-friendly platform, you can streamline your dental practice's operations and reduce costs. The average solo practice saves up to $8,000 a year on software expenses.
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Clinical Tools

Providing a great experience is easy with Archy’s customizable and flexible clinical tools. Imaging is integrated, allowing you to capture and modify x-rays, intraoral images, panoramic x-rays all in one place. Plus, you get unlimited image storage.
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Employee Management

Archy streamlines employee management. The platform makes it easy to track employee hours by providing a simple clock-in and clock-out system. Payroll is fully integrated, allowing for seamless employee payment, resulting in time saved and an average monthly savings of $100 a month for a solo practice.
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Practice Management

Streamline your practice with all-in-one management tools, including insurance claims and EOB processing. Easy-to-use reporting gives you unparalleled visibility into practice operations, and our patent-pending scheduling tool makes scheduling easy.
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Payments and Revenue

Losing on average 9% of revenue due to missed collections is a harsh reality for many dental practices. With Archy, you can start collecting payments right after appointments or even before treatments. Archy’s built-in payment system will help you and your team improve the bottom line.
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Patient Engagement

Save $200-$500 per month by using Archy’s patient engagement features. Archy’s patient portal helps patients manage appointments, complete online forms, and securely store payments details, helping to free up your staff from manual tasks. Free built-in two-way texting and automated appointment reminders, remove the need for third-party patient communication software.
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Discover why doctors across the country are using Archy.

Simple Data Migration, Beyond Expectations

Effortless migration moving more of your data than you ever imagined.
  • Migrate unlimited imaging, appointments, notes, periocharts, and more.
  • Preview your migrated data in Archy before switching, to make sure everything is there.

Fort-Knox Level Data Security

  • HIPAA-Compliant cloud architecture based on Amazon Web Services.
  • 5 backups across multiple time zones and facilities.
  • Multiple layers of encryption, meaning your data has never been safer.

Easy to Use, Easy to Learn

Archy's modern design powers an easy to use experience. Most offices can get trained and comfortable in less than a day.
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See Archy in Action

Discover how you can modernize your practice with Archy’s all-in-one practice management software.

See Archy in Action

Discover how you can modernize your practice with Archy’s all-in-one practice management software.