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Ever wondered how much you could save by switching to Archy? Our savings calculator shows you the potential savings from eliminating costly third-party add-ons and reclaiming your valuable time.

How much do you spend montly

On your practice management software: (i.e. Dentrix, OpenDental, EagleSoft, Curve, etc.)
Usually range $120 - $1200/mo
On your Imaging (X-ray) Software:(i.e. Dexis, XVWeb, XDR, etc)
Usually range $200 - $700/mo
On your Patient Engagement add-on: (i.e. Nexhealth, Adit, RevenueWell)
Usually range $200 - $900/mo
On your Reporting add-on: (i.e. Dental Intel, Practice By Numbers)
Usually range $200 - $900/mo
On your Payroll provider: (i.e. ADP, Payrix, Gusto)
Usually range $50 - $300/mo
On IT costs related to your server, backup, and disaster recovery:
Usually range $250 - $750/mo

Time and Cost Savings with Automation

To calculate your potential time and cost savings from automating manual tasks with Archy, select all the areas that apply to your current operations:

Savings with Archy

Software Cost Savings
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Time Savings
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Total Savings
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This is an estimated savings; actual results may vary based on individual circumstances.
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