Helping You Help Your Clients

We're proud to partner with world-class providers in the dental industry.

Our partner program empowers you to help your clients save money and operate more efficiently while simultaneously growing your own business — keeping everyone smiling.

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World-class companies from the dental and tech industries partner with Archy to help provide practices with an unparalleled experience.

Why Partner

At Archy, we value our partners as essential to our mission of creating the all-in-one software solution for dental practices.

Join the Archy movement

Let's disrupt the status quo in the dental industry together, revolutionizing dental software and transforming the way dental practices operate.

Partner-specific pricing and resources

Offer your customers exclusive discounts and pricing on Archy; we'll work with you to find the best solution for your business and your clients.

Help your clients succeed

Implementing Archy at your clients' practices helps them save money and operate more efficiently—ultimately making them happier and more successful.

A partner that listens and adapts

Unlike others in the industry that move at a glacial pace and don't listen to partners, we value your feedback. With Archy, you get a partner that listens to dentists and partners alike, making changes and adjustments to better serve your needs.