Increase collections

More ways to collect, making it easy for patients to pay so you get paid faster.

online payments

Let your patients pay from anywhere

Collect payments faster, by allowing patients to pay online. When insurances underpay claims and leave a balance, Archy's online payments allow patients to settle their accounts online easily without calling or visiting.

Collect payments upfront to reduce losses and minimize no-shows

Patient wallet in Archy allows you to collect payments upfront for major treatments, reducing no-shows and losses from costly procedures that require upfront costs for lab work.

A convenient way for patients to pay that improves collections

Text-to-pay in Archy sends patients a reminder with a link over text, making online payments easier and increasing the likelihood of prompt payment.

Save time and get paid faster by saving cards on file

Easily collect outstanding balances using the patient’s card saved on file, handy for instances like insurance underpayments on EOBs.

IN-person payments
Collect payment in-office after appointments

Archy provides a point of sale system that integrates directly with our software, enabling you to accept in-office payments as you provide services to patients. Quick, in-office payments increase collection rates and reduce the time staff spend on payment follow-ups.

Directly integrated

In-person payments are directly integrated into Archy, so there's no need for manual entry, which means fewer mistakes—just click 'collect'.

Point of sale system included

A Point-of-Sale System is included with Archy, making in-person payment collection easy.

Low and simple fees

Fees in Archy are simple: only 2.9% plus $0.10 per transaction, whether the card is present or not, always low and competitive.


Actionable A/R reports help you collect

A/R reports in Archy don't just give you insight into who owes what; they also let you take action to collect and get paid. Text patients individually or send mass messages to multiple patients directly from the reports to improve collection rates.

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