Intra-Office Chat: From Feature Request to Launch in 3 Weeks

At Archy, we work every day to deliver you the best practice management software, consistently prioritizing customer needs and quickly adapting Archy based on feedback. The recent introduction of our intra-office chat feature exemplifies this dedication, going from feature request to launch in 3 weeks.

When a practice recently switched from Eaglesoft to Archy, they were thrilled with the new capabilities they gained. However, they quickly noticed the absence of an intra-office chat feature. Although this feature was already on our development roadmap, we expedited its release based on the practice’s feedback.

We don’t just value feedback like this—we rely on it. When we say we listen to our customers, it’s not mere lip service or a vague promise about working on future features; customer feedback informs every decision we make.

Our team at Archy boasts talented software engineers from tech giants like Facebook, Uber, and NASA. This isn’t just about prestige — it’s about having a team that knows how to build great software quickly and effectively. So when the request for intra-office chat came through, our team got to work. In just under three weeks, what began as a customer feature request evolved into a fully-featured intra-office chat built into Archy.

With Archy’s Intra-Office Chat, practices can now:

  • Direct Message: Message team members directly. Notify the hygienist in room 2 that their next appointment has arrived and is checked-in.
  • Group Chats: Set up both private and public group chats. This allows for broad team communications, such as office-wide updates, or more targeted discussions like a front-office or back-office chat.
  • Send Files: Easily send documents and images directly within Archy chat.

Our agility in bringing this feature to life underscores a larger narrative. Archy operates at an unparalleled pace, responding to customer needs faster than many industry titans. It’s not because we have to—it’s because we know how to, and more importantly, we want to. Every feature we add, every tweak we make, is in response to customer feedback and is a testament to our dedication to making Archy the best practice management software available.

In the dynamic landscape of software solutions, Archy isn’t just another player. We’re the team that listens, adapts, and delivers—time and again. Join us on this journey and experience the Archy difference for yourself.