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Announcing the Huddle: Streamline Your Daily Planning with Archy
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Announcing the Huddle: Streamline Your Daily Planning with Archy

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Andrew Bernstein
Andrew Bernstein
Product Marketing Manager, Archy
Announcing the Huddle: Streamline Your Daily Planning with Archy

Coordinating the day-to-day operations of a dental practice can feel like a high-stakes balancing act, as you shuffle between arranging patient appointments, maintaining financial goals, and countless other responsibilities. To bring order to the chaos, many practices rely on a daily huddle, setting the stage for the day ahead and assigning necessary tasks.

At Archy, we understand the vital role this routine plays in your practice’s success. That’s why we’re excited to unveil a new feature, designed to help improve this process’s efficiency by leveraging the data retained within Archy’s all-in-one system. We’re excited to announce the latest feature of Archy: The Huddle.

Actionable, Insightful Data at a Glance with Archy’s Huddle

The Huddle feature in Archy gives you an overview of the patients you had yesterday, those lined up for today, and those scheduled for tomorrow and the rest of the week. This concise, at-a-glance layout gives you a handy snapshot of your practice’s activities with key information to help you conduct your daily huddle. Let’s explore some ways you can utilize Archy’s Huddle to enhance your efficiency:

Medical History at a Glance: Using Archy’s Huddle, you can easily identify at a glance critical medical history details for each patient on the schedule. Whether it’s patients requiring premedication or those with allergies like latex, all this information is at your fingertips. This quick access to vital details is designed to help your team avoid discomfort or potential risk for your patients.

Daily Planning: Archy provides practical insights to help you plan for the day. Not only can you view the types of procedures set for the day, allowing your team to prepare operatories for specific treatments, but you can also see which patients have an X-ray planned. You’ll even see at a glance if any of your patients have allergies, like to latex, ensuring you’re prepared for their safety and comfort.

Insurance Verification Task Prioritization: Handling insurance verification can be a headache, but Archy’s Huddle simplifies management of it. With a quick glance, you’ll see which patients’ insurances still need verification. This helps your front desk staff easily spot and line up their tasks for the day and week, prioritizing which patients’ benefits need verification with when their appointment is. This way, you’re less likely to have a patient arrive without their benefits confirmed helping your practice run smoother.

With Archy’s Huddle, you have actionable data insights right at your fingertips, all designed to streamline your day and elevate your dental practice’s efficiency. Now that’s something to smile about!

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