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Is your practice safe? Test your practice's IT security.

Screwed or Secured: A new series by Archy and Techspedient that puts your practice's cybersecurity under the microscope to see if hackers can breach your server.

Uncover the truth: Is your practice protected from cyber threats?

“Screwed or Secured” invites your practice to have its IT security systems put to the test. We'll audit your existing setup's effectiveness in maintaining security, keeping patient data safe from hackers, and complying with HIPAA standards.

The challenge

If we can't access your data, we'll commend your practice for its robust IT defenses. Should we successfully prove that we can access your data, we'll not only offer guidance on bolstering your practice's security but also extend an invitation to experience Archy for two months, at no cost, to further enhance your security measures.

Commitment to safety

Data Protection: We assure you that no data will be harmed or deleted during this process.

Confidentiality Agreement: A Business Associate Agreement (BAA) will be signed to ensure the confidentiality and security of your data.

Why Are We Doing "Screwed or Secured"?

"Screwed or Secured" originated when our founder Jon faced a security threat at his own practice due to an oversight with his IT. This incident highlighted the need for reliable IT partners to help practices harness cloud technology for enhanced security, accessibility, and savings.

Apply to be on “Screwed or Secured”


Explore our FAQs to get clear answers about "Screwed or Secured" and learn what to expect from participating in the show.

Are there any rules I need to know before I apply?

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Absolutely, we have a few rules of engagement to keep things fair and insightful:

Confidential Participation: Keep your participation under wraps from your IT company for an honest assessment. Alerting them might lead to temporarily heightened security measures that don't reflect your practice's usual security risk.

Opportunity: See this as a chance to fortify your practice's IT security and compliance. It's all about growing stronger.

Any restrictions on who can apply?

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You need to be the practice owner or have the owner’s written consent to participate in "Screwed or Secured."

We audit server-based systems only since cloud-based systems are generally secure enough to make our 'hacking' more of a giveaway than a challenge. Your practice needs to be using server-based practice management software.

Is my data at risk during this?

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Not at all! Our goal is to assess your practice’s security, not to alter anything. We won't delete or change any data at your practice. It's all about safety and improvement.

What do you mean you’re going to hack us?

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It sounds more dramatic than it is. Many top tech firms employ teams to test their systems for weaknesses – it's a proactive measure, not malicious. So, when we say we're going to "hack" into your systems, we're searching for vulnerabilities that real hackers might exploit, allowing us to help you seal those gaps before they become a real issue.

Is this HIPAA compliant?

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Yes, indeed! We adhere strictly to HIPAA guidelines. We'll sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with you, ensuring our access is fully HIPAA compliant. Your trust and privacy are paramount.