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Jan 19, 2024

Announcing Archy’s Integration with Mango Voice: Simplifying Patient Phone Calls

Announcing Archy’s Integration with Mango Voice: Simplifying Patient Phone Calls

At Archy, we’re committed to making the lives of dentists and their staff easier by offering software that helps improve the efficiency of their operations. We’re excited to announce our partnership with Mango Voice today, an integration designed to streamline patient-call communications and boost productivity at the front desk.

Mango Voice is a cloud-based, VoIP phone system that cuts your phone bill in half while enhancing business operations with time-saving features. This integration is particularly exciting to us as Mango Voice as a company aligns with our mission – empowering dental practices to save money, boost efficiency, and seamlessly transition to the cloud.

Call handling, a critical task at any practice, no longer means your staff getting bogged down with routine information gathering like spelling of the last name or confirming contact details. With a quick glance at a handy screen pop, they’ll know who’s calling with their relevant appointment history and easy access to charts. And dialing out? Just a single click away, eliminating the risk of dialing errors and saving those valuable seconds.

Dr. Christine Liu shared her thoughts about the integration, “Our front desk staff loves Archy’s integration with Mango Voice! When the front desk is swamped, this integration is a lifesaver. It enables them to pick up a call, instantly know who’s on the line and their history, letting them return to other work faster.”

Key Features of The Integration:

Click-to-call: With a single click on a patient’s phone number in Archy, an outbound phone call is initiated – no manual dialing needed.

Inbound caller ID via screen pop: When a patient calls in, immediately access the patient’s details, appointment specifics and charting.

Call log history: In Archy, easily track both inbound and outbound calls to a patient.

This integration is designed to make your phone call communications more efficient than ever. It’s all part of our commitment to making Archy the ultimate tool for your practice’s success. We believe that when you’re at your best, your patients get the best, too.

Jonathan Rat

Jonathan Rat

Leading product for major tech titans like Uber and Facebook, Jon has launched and scaled complex platforms that serve billions of people. For years Jon simultaneously moonlit in his wife's dental practice as a dental assistant, office manager, IT manager and more. Combining his tech talent with his dental experience, Jon is hellbent on introducing dental software to the 21st century.