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Cloud-Based Open Dental Replacement

Open Dental add-ons, like eServices or IT and servers, can quickly lead to high additional costs. Switch to Archy’s all-in-one cloud solution, save $8k/year.

What is the true cost of Open Dental? 

We get it. At first glance, Open Dental seems like a bargain. But once you start needing things like texting patients, online scheduling, servers, an IT company, and imaging, the costs add up. After all those extras, we’ve found that practices save on average 8k/year by switching to Archy.


Benefits of the Cloud

Archy is based in the cloud, while Open Dental still uses decades old on-premise server based technology. Here is why that matters, and the benefits to being in the cloud.



With Archy, your data is accessible from anywhere, anytime. Whether you're in your practice, at home, or even on vacation, all you need is an internet connection to access patient records, schedules, and billing information.


Cost Savings

Avoid the financial headache of servers, maintenance fees, and legacy IT companies with Archy and the cloud. We take care of the technology, you focus on your patients.



Archy's cloud-based system significantly reduces data loss and security threats. No more risk of hardware failures or risk of losing data, no more worrying about backups or if your data is safe. Enjoy peace of mind - Archy ensures your data is backed up and secure in the cloud.



Archy scales with you. Growing your practice? No need for expensive server upgrades - just adjust your Archy subscription.


Always Up to Date

Never worry about updates again. Archy's cloud system keeps you up-to-date on the newest versions automatically with no down time.

Debunking Common Cloud Misconceptions

Ignore the cloud noise often driven by self-serving IT companies or substandard cloud platforms; with Archy, you’re in safe hands.


Data Ownership Concerns

Despite misconceptions, using Archy's cloud software means you retain ownership of your data. In the event you decide you want to stop using Archy (we don't think you will), we ensure a quick and free data migration.


Internet Loss Equals Practice Shutdown

With Archy, even if you lose internet access, we'll help you set-up affordable, reliable fallback internet services to prevent any downtime.


Moving to the Cloud is Difficult and Disruptive

Transfer more than you imagined, even all your x-ray images, with our easy migration. Preview it all before making the switch.


HIPAA Compliance

Can you imagine HIPAA compliance without a server? With Archy, the answer is a resounding yes. Our cloud infrastructure offers full HIPAA compliance, while providing superior data security than on-premise competitions.

How We Stack Up to Open Dental

Archy Open Dental
Clinical Tools
Odontagram and Perio Charting
Treatment Planning
Integrated Imaging $
Higher CostThird Party Integration, Higher Cost
ePrescription $
Higher CostThird Party Integration, Higher Cost
Practice Management
Intra-Office Chat
Limited FunctionalityLimited Functionality
Insurance Claims Processing
Limited FunctionalityThird-party login to add attachments and submit claims.
EOB Processing
Limited Functionality80% More Clicks
Employee Management
Time Tracking
Limited FunctionalityLimited Functionality
Time Analytics
Payroll Processing
Patient Engagement
Automated Appointment Text Reminders $
Higher CosteServices or Third Party Integration
Two-Way Texting $
Higher CosteServices or Third Party Integration
Online Self Scheduling $
Higher CosteServices or Third Party Integration
Household Management Features
Patient Portal $
Higher CosteServices or Third Party Integration
Customizable Online Forms $
Higher CosteServices or Third Party Integration
Payments & Revenue
Online Payments $
Higher CostThird Party Integration, Higher Cost
In-Person Payments $
Higher CostThird Party Integration, Higher Cost
Payment Processing with Credit Cards $
Higher CostThird Party Integration, Higher Cost
Prepaid Wallet
Billing and Collections Tools

Scheduling an Appointment

Don’t waste any more time searching day by day for available appointments. Archy’s easy to use appointment finder tool simplifies the process, finding available times based on desired days of the week, time of day, and specific providers.

EOB Processing & Submitting Insurance Claims

With Archy’s batch EOB processing, reduce clicks by 80%. Attach images and notes with the ability to directly submit claims within Archy, eliminating the need to log-in to the clearinghouse website.

Robust Reporting Built-In

No need for expensive third-party reporting add-ons or struggles with custom codes trying to make reports work in Open Dental. Enjoy easy to use, and easy to understand reporting built-in with Archy.


Built-In Patient Communication at No Extra Cost

From two-way texting to automated appointment reminders, enjoy easy, efficient communication tools built-in on Archy – no additional costs or integration issues.


Archy’s Got Your Back

Stress Free Migrations & Lightning-Fast Support

Stress-Free Migrations

Our U.S. based team of former dental office managers, experts in both Archy and Open Dental, are here to ensure you have a smooth transition to Archy. Our market leading migration tool brings over more data from Open Dental than any other platform, even offering a preview before the switch to assure you of a complete transfer.

Lightning-Fast Support

Tired of paying for  Open Dental’s slow support response? Archy provides free and fast support from an experienced team of former dental office managers, accessible via phone, email, and live chat. 

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