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 dental practice

Why Archy?

Practice management made easy

Schedule, plan treatment, and submit claims with automated functions and simplified flows.

No need for additional patient engagement software

A patient portal allows patients manage their appointments, complete forms, and safely store payment details in one single place. In addition to the patient portal, Archy also offers free two-way texting and automatic appointment reminders that are seamlessly integrated with the schedule.

No need for separate imaging software

Archy will take and easily store your x-ray, intraoral, and panoramic x-rays.

Delight your team members with easy tools

Team member can clock in & out of Archy directly, view their hours accrued, and get paid.

Collect Immediately

Patients can safely and securely store payment details in their patient portal, allowing the practice to charge immediately without compromising security. Practice owners will enjoy <3% merchant fees, saving thousands of dollars each year.

Why Others Love Archy

My practice is infinitely safer with Archy than it was with Open Dental. Not only is my patient data safer, Archy is just way easier to use than any software I’ve used, saving me and my team hours each week. My teams loves clocking in and clocking out in Archy and seeing their hourly statistics. The imaging is top notch, patient engagement has never been easier nor has payroll, and my collection rate has never been greater. Archy is the MVP of my practice!

Dr. Christine LiuPractice Owner of Brilliance Dental Care

We started our practice on Carestream with a server and have had TWO ransomware attacks and lost tons of data and thousands of dollars on production. It was horrific, so we began paying top dollar for IT and safeguards to protect ourselves but the prices were astronomical. We’re excited to realize the annual savings of Archy while simultaneously making our team happier with more user-friendly tools!

Dr. Kate LimardiPractice Owner of Kennedy & Limardi Family Dental

There is no true practice management software out there and we need it badly as a very busy pediatric dental office with multiple providers and hundreds of patients per week. Everything is either clinically oriented or team and management oriented. Archy really gets what being a busy practitioner and practice owner needs to provide the best treatment and service to all the patients and dental office team.

Dr. Jackie FillingerPractice Owner of Pediatric Dental Team