Finally, dental software built with
dentists but by technologists.

Three colleagues from Uber left Big Tech to disrupt the dental software industry. It all started with CEO and Co-Founder Jon Rat’s wife who launched her dental practice in 2018 on server-based software that not only left her practice highly vulnerable from a security perspective but also took months to learn. As a technologist and as her partner, Jon knew there had to be safer and better software. But there wasn't, not until he and his former Uber colleagues started Archy.

Our Leadership

We are led by a respected team of innovators with proven track records of success.
Jon Rat
Jonathan Rat
CEO, Co-Founder

Leading product for major tech titans like Uber and Facebook, Jon has launched and scaled complex platforms that serve billions of people. For years Jon simultaneously moonlit in his wife's dental practice as a dental assistant, office manager, IT manager and more. Combining his tech talent with his dental experience, Jon is hellbent on introducing dental software to the 21st century.

Ben Kolin
Ben Kolin
Co-CTO, Co-Founder

Ben is an engineering leader with a passion for building world-class engineering teams and cultures. At Uber, Yahoo, and VMware, he scaled products from the first feature to industry-defining businesses. And at Archy, Ben is building an army to disrupt the dental software space and bring delight to hard-working dentists and practice owners who don't have time to expect anything less.

Nimish Sheth
Nimish Sheth
Co-CTO, Co-Founder

A ``distinguished`` engineer at Uber is something only a few in the world can claim and Nimish is among them. His global impact is immeasurable and his know-how for systematization and data architecture are unmatched. At Archy, Nimish is reshaping how dental software is architected and developed so that customers can enjoy supreme security, speed, and efficiency.

The Archy Team

We built a best-in-class engineering and operations team from the most sought after tech companies.
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